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Lay-By Agreement Form

Clients should receive a copy of the lay-by-Docket or a receipt stating that Lay-Buy Financial Solutions Pty Ltd, which acts as www.lay-buys.com, has identified fundamental principles that we believe are integral and indispensable to ensure that all lay-buy repurchase agreements settled through our PUT IT ON LAY-BUY redemption payment option are fair and appropriate in accordance with the Fair Trading Act 1999. Check that your agreements are covered by the legal definition of a lay-by agreement and whether your company is meeting its lay-by obligations to customers. Consumers can cancel a stay at any time before picking up the item. You can only charge a termination fee to the customer if they terminate the contract. Emily orders a Christmas basket in advance and agrees to pay for it in weekly instalments. It`s a lay-by deal. If the consumer`s ancillary payments do not cover the cancellation costs, the supplier may recover the outstanding amount as a claim. However, the supplier is not entitled to damages or other corrective measures. You can revoke the lay-by contract at any time before receipt of the products.

You must obtain a copy of your lay-by agreement. It is your responsibility to read the contract before signing it. Keep this for your documents and if you need to refer to them during a dispute. The company may charge a termination fee if you decide to terminate a lay-by agreement. Secular agreements must be written and transparent (expressed in plain language, legible and clearly presented). The agreement must set out all terms and conditions, including any cancellation fees (also known as cancellation fees). Sue puts on a food processor on January 30. It has a 12-month warranty. On March 31, she paid for her last high school class and brought her food processor home. It is covered by the manufacturer`s warranty for a period of 12 months from March 31, not January 30. This is in addition to the rights granted to consumers under the Australian Consumer Act, as we explain on types of guarantees. A copy of the lay-by agreement must be given to the consumer.

If you cancel your stay, the company must refund your deposit and all other amounts you have paid, with the exception of the cancellation fee. A lay-by agreement allows the customer to pay for a product in two or more installments before taking it home. The deposit is the first instalment. Any purchase paid for in at least three installments is legally considered lay-by. If consumers do not pay the outstanding amount, the transaction may cancel the mooring place. If a lay-by purchase comes with a warranty for a specified period of time (for example. B 12 months or three years), the warranty period begins when the consumer has left the lay-by contract and takes possession of the product. Consumers may choose to cancel the Lay-by, but may have to pay a cancellation fee – check the terms and conditions of sale in the lay-by contract…

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