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Horse Paddock Rental Agreement

Nevertheless, there are advantages, namely that an agricultural lease does not confer renewal rights that confer the guarantee of ownership or inheritance rights. For a rental period of two years or less, the contract simply expires after the expiry of the term, without the need for notice. However, it gives the tenant exclusive ownership of the land, so you can`t get a BPS or a number of tax benefits (including APR). It is also interesting to note that tenants who improve the land under conditions are entitled to compensation from the lessor under a farm lease agreement. In some circumstances, an agricultural lease may be used for grazing contracts for horses that may be part of a larger commercial operation (e.g. B a painting farm or riding school), but great caution should be exercised. An agricultural lease can only be used if the main agricultural activity is agricultural. Although grazing is considered agricultural, it is not a secondary activity. Therefore, a farm lease would only be valid if the pasture is completely separate from the land on which the farm and facilities are located. Therefore, if you accept an agricultural lease, you must be vigilant. If you allow non-agricultural activities to take place on pastures (which could be something as simple as a few jump sticks or dressurarena markers), this will deny the lease of the farm and lead to a commercial lease relationship. In general, we do not recommend the use of an agricultural lease for grazing horses, but each situation depends on its individual benefits.

Then? Maybe you`re also reading this: overweight horse? Find out if a grazing muzzle could help 5 ordinary plants that could kill your horse This would ensure that you would not have a lease that would affect your control of the country and prevent you from claiming BPS. There are five main agreements that govern the grazing regime for horses: a grazing licence; a common law rental agreement; a business lease relationship (in accordance with the Landlord &Tenant Act); an agricultural lease relationship (OEE); and “profit to be taken”. A common law lease agreement includes the exclusive use of pasture for horses used exclusively for recreational purposes. Such an agreement describes all the rights that are created, for example.B. with regard to access, and sets restrictions: for example, pastures must not be used for the exercise or training of horses (such an activity is reminiscent of a business rental relationship). The tenant is also entrusted with certain obligations, such as for example. B proper maintenance of the fence, removal of feces and notification to the owner of the intrusion of noxious weeds like Ragwort….

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