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Financial Aid Participation Agreement

An old section 1094, pub. L. 89-329, Title IV, §487, as added pub. L. 96-374, Title IV, §451 (a), 3 October 1980, 94 Stat. 1451; Modified pub. L. 99-272, Title XVI, §16034, 7 April 1986, 100 Stat. 356, as regards agreements for participation in the programme, before the general revision of this part by the pub. L. 99-498. (h) An organization`s program participation agreement no longer applies to or covers the location of the institution from the date on which that site is no longer part of the participating organization.

102-26 replaced “whose students receive financial assistance in accordance with section 1091(d) of this Title” to “authorize students on the basis of their ability to benefit from the training or training offered by that institution (as provided for in section 1091(d) of this Title”. 2. An institution may terminate an agreement to participate in the programme. Subsection (c) (1) (F). Pub. L. 103-208, § 2 (h) (43), replaced `Participation in a programme under this sub-chapter of an eligible institution` with `Eligibility for a programme under this sub-chapter of an otherwise eligible institution`. . . .

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