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Aacc Transfer Agreements

*Students are allowed to apply for mtAP Guaranteed Admission Transfer for the early action deadline after receipt and publication of graduation grades for all required 30-semester credits. If you applied for MTAP before purchasing grades for credits, you`ll likely be eligible to upgrade to UMD during your third semester. This would require a request before the deadline for taking advance action. A complete application requires that all materials, including transcripts, be traced from our office until the deadline. * AP/IB credits can be used to satisfy the basic English and math courses required for mtAP, but they do not count on the 30 college credit hours required to complete the MTAP or apply for transfer authorization at the University of Maryland. Original AP/IB test results must be sent directly by the testing agency to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. These agreements support AACC students who move from AACC to an external institution to continue their training. The list is organized by partner institution, then AACC-Major. The agreements contain worksheets or pedestrian crossings indicating the AACC courses you must take if you plan to move to a specific institution for the mentioned major.

UB invests in transfer students and military/veterans eligible for Pell Grant by offering financial aid for tuition and fees while you complete your bachelor`s degree. MTAP students are entitled to take UMD courses only during the winter and summer semesters at a discounted price of 25%. Other campus resources include MTAP students have access to transfer consulting resources, the university library system, sporting events, UM shuttles, and the Eppley Recreation Center. In addition to transfer agreements for certain streams (learn more below), AACC maintains a number of general transfer partnerships with several institutions, which go beyond specific disciplines. The following agreements assist students as they move from an external institution to an AACC program. The Community College Alliance program at the University of Maryland Global Campus allows you to earn your associate degree at any Maryland Community College and seamlessly transfer your credits to your bachelor`s degree at UMGC. . .


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