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Withdrawal Agreement Official Journal

ec.europa.eu/commission/publications/draft-withdrawal-agreement-withdrawal-united-kingdom-great-britain-and-northern-ireland-european-union-and-european-atomic-energy-community_en Article 12 of the Protocol on Privileges and Immunities applies in the United Kingdom to members of the institutions – civil servants and other EU agents of all nationalities, including former members, former civil servants and former agents, when these members, civil servants or other agents entered the service of the Union before the end of the transitional period, provided that these persons are subject to the salaries, salaries and pensions paid by the Union. The United Kingdom is still entitled to its share in the amounts recovered under the guarantees of the Member States and on the balance of its appeal account of its Member State. The UK`s share of this paragraph is proportional to its respective participation in each guarantee contract. UK`s participation in the EIB Group after the date of withdrawal from the EU, whereas the UK`s withdrawal from the EU therefore poses significant challenges for the maintenance and development of North-South cooperation, with regard to EU officials and other EU officials of all nationalities, including former civil servants and former civil servants who joined the Union before the end of the transition period and are entitled to pension in accordance with Article 11, paragraph 1, 2 or 3 and Article 12 of Appendix VIII of the Status of Eu officials (131) or Articles 39, 109 and 135 of the regime applicable to other EU agents (131) or Articles 39 , 109 and 135 of the EU`s terms of employment, the UK`s obligations are identical to those incurred before the end of the transition period. CONSIDERING that the United Kingdom and the Eu must take all necessary measures to begin as soon as possible, from the date of this agreement`s entry into force, formal negotiations on one or more agreements on their future relations, so that these agreements apply, as far as possible, from the end of the transition period, 2.

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