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What Is An Employee Matters Agreement

SECTION 2.02. Copyright for common infrastructure. a) The copyrights of the common infrastructure are jointly held by Xerox and Conduent. Accordingly, each party or member of its group (as a assignee) transfers and transfers, effective on the date of distribution, an undivided half of the entire right, title and interest in the copyright of the common infrastructure belonging to the assignee at the time of distribution, and entrusts them in part to the assignee, who must be held and appreciated by the assignee. , as complete and complete as the assignee would have held it and would have appreciated it if this transmission had not been made. On written request from the contracting parties, the other party (and, if necessary, the members of its group) executes documents confirming the transfer of these shares of co-ownership to the applicant. Subject to Article VI, each co-owner is free to use the copyright of the common infrastructure without further consent and without counting with the other co-owner. Each party inherits the other party, any other member of the group of the other contracting parties and each of its respective directors, executives and employees, past and present, as well as each, executable, successor and beneficiary of the assignment of any of the above commitments, and exempt from any commitment arising from the operation of the common infrastructure after the broadcast, and of all the rights mentioned above. CONSIDERANT that the contracting parties intend to anticipate and agree on the distribution of the tax liability before, after and after separation and to anticipate and agree on certain other tax-related matters. “service provider,” anyone who provides services to another person, whether an independent contractor or other similar role (except as a worker), including, to avoid any doubt, any unpaid member of Xerox`s board of directors. SECTION 4.07. Notification and certification of certain acquisition transactions. (a) When Spinco proposes to complete a 10% acquisition transaction or take a positive step, in order to allow a 10% acquisition transaction to take place at any time of the 30-month period following the distribution date, Spinco undertakes in good faith to grant to the parent company, no later than 30 days after signing a written agreement regarding this 10% acquisition transaction.

, or to be aware of the arrival of such a 10% acquisition transaction. , without a written agreement with a written description of this transaction (including the type and amount of Spinco Capital Stock to be acquired) and a brief explanation of why Spinco believes that such a transaction does not lead to the application of Section 355 (a) (1) (B) or 355 (e) from code to spin-off. SECTION 7.04. Relationship of the parties. Nothing in this agreement is considered or interpreted by the parties or third parties as establishing a relationship between the contracting entities and the representatives, the partnership or joint venture between the parties, between service providers and service recipients, or with a person providing services, understanding and agreeing that there is no provision , and no act of any party or its respective members is considered to be that a relationship between the parties or members of their respective groups is based on the relationship established in that context.

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