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Template Track Access Agreement

Standard application forms and bidding contracts for high Speed 1 track access applications. Please use these forms for all new access contracts, changes to existing access contracts and new connection contracts. We have the authority, under the Railway Act 1993, to grant general authorizations, and the authorizations for rail access and correspondence contracts are also mentioned here. This page contains standard application forms and model contracts to be used when requesting access to Network Rail`s infrastructure or connection to the network. Model track access contracts and standard access conditions are available on the HS1 website. We assist the Ministry of Transport (DfT) in clarifying the results of passenger train franchises, collaborating on the planning and provision of information for the development and evaluation of related offers and contracts. When a potential operator identifies a new market for rail services that are not currently serviced by a franchise, they may ask us for open access rights for the operation of those trains. You will find a complete list of the consolidated agreements we have with our existing customers on the ORR website. The network code is a set of contractual rules that are included in each track access agreement between Network Rail and all rail operators. It covers areas in which all parties are required to cooperate according to the same standards and on the same time frame. These include areas such as: all passenger and freight train operators (FOCs) who wish to use our network need a track access contract. Our customer teams, who deal with each train operator, conduct contract negotiations and the sale of access rights with train operators on contracts. To view all CP5 access charges and related documents, click here for more information and the sale of access right documents The SoAR panel must approve all of our access rights sales prior to industry consultation and submit the agreed lane access contract to the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) for approval.

It must also approve our response to the ORR with respect to contentious applications. In some cases, exemptions are applicable to remove the requirement for a specific authorization for agreed and contentious sales. Our Sale of Access Rights (SoAR) panel provides control to the entire network to negotiate and arrange the sale of access to train operators. The main task of the SoAR panel is to ensure that we apply, if necessary, a consistent approach across the network and that we use capacity optimally at an acceptable level of performance. Current access charges for 2014-2019 (control period 5, CP5) are valid until March 31, 2019. Price lists are in accordance with the final provision of the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) and are referenced in the contracts for access to tracks and stations. Typical application forms should be used for all new lane access contracts and for modifications to existing lane access contracts. In order to encourage third-party investment in the network, we have a series of extension projects that have been developed and revised after extensive consultation with industry, customers and stakeholders.

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