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De Collaborative Agreement

Thanks to the pilot plan developed by Més and the support of Puerto Angamos in the Salvador-Allende district of Mejillones, our new partner has signed a cooperation agreement to finance the socio-sports programme until the end of the year, which benefits girls and boys in this sector. (1) Be in writing, identify the parties, including the cooperating physician, the NPRC, and at least one replacement physician who will take over the collaboration if the cooperating physician is not available, including the signature of the NPR and the cooperating physician, including the date of signing of the agreement and the effective date of the agreement. Model for the Cooperation Agreement 2020 (PDF) (a) The cooperation agreement between a physician and a NPR who prescribes and prescribes drugs and other therapeutic or corrective medical measures, in accordance with the provisions of page 21.283 a) (in terms of authority and certification for the prescribing, dispensing and ordering of medicines) must meet the following requirements. The agreement must be concluded: the cooperation agreements of the Collaborative Promotion Partnership (CDP) programme have an initial duration of 5 years and can be renewed or renewed. The following higher education institutions/universities have signed CDP cooperation agreements (at the 2016 call): (7) Parties are reviewed and updated at least once every two years or with each amendment to the agreement. This agreement will allow for intervention in the neighbourhood through play methods and liaison meetings that will allow the community to develop in various activities in the region, as well as to benefit from workshops that will take place four days a week. Appendixes A and B of the cooperation agreement are negotiated between the CCR and the university. b) The NPR informs the committee in writing when a cooperation agreement with the provision is updated or denounced and, if necessary, presents the form of amendment to the cooperation agreement of the first instance authority and the revised cooperation agreement with the management authority with the board of directors and pays the fee set out in point 21.253 (fees). Puerto Angamos Commercial Director José Saenz visited the main office of Fétbol Mes in Santiago to participate in a one-time stage where a reception was held with Belén De La Torre, FutbolMas` commercial director, and our executive director Véctor Gutiérrez, who signed the agreement that will maintain the program until December 2018.

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